Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CORRECTION: Comments Attributed to Cheek DO NOT Appear to be His

Yesterday KSN&C picked up a story from a group called Accuracy in Media, Accuracy in Academia that now seems to be in error.

The story had to do with technology implementation in the schools and attributed comments to Dennis Cheek that were not his. Cheek says the comments "were actually made by John Chubb of Edison Schools."

When Cheek contacted KSN&C, we immediately contacted the author. This afternoon I received word that the publication may not be standing behind its story. Director of Public Relations Sarah Schaerr Norton of Accuracy in Media & Accuracy in Academia told KSN&C that,
" ...it appears that the quote in question may have been incorrectly attributed. [The author and editor] found an archived video of the event and they are checking that to be sure. If it was misprinted, [The Editor] will correct the article no later than tomorrow. He will contact you directly when he has double-checked everything and decided on a course of action, and he will be in touch with Dr. Cheek as well."
Norton said,
I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. We strive for high standards of accuracy and when a mistake does happen, we're grateful for the opportunity to correct the record. My sincerest apologies if we passed on incorrect information.

KSN&C has taken steps to assure that the board of education is also aware of the error.

KSN&C regrets posting the erroneous story. While we could not have predicted that the story was faulty, we regret the error just the same.

While opinions may vary, if readers find information to be in error, please let us know.

KSN&C strives to provide dependable reporting and thought-provoking commentary.

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