Monday, May 06, 2013

Ol' Doc Holliday Defends Common Core

Holliday fights Misinformation with Facts

Does that still work?

In what he calls Common Core Part 1, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday joins the defense against those politicians (including the Republican National Committee) who are trying to link Common Core with the Obama Administration, and therefore drum up opposition from those who oppose the president on - pretty much everything. 

All of the usual suspects are showing up on the right. Those more sensible Republicans who not only thought up the original idea of a national curriculum and supported a move toward it's development throughout the Bush administration have gone silent for the most part. Chester Finn's thoughtful piece is a notable exception, but then, he's arguing a consistent philosophy, something the TEA Party types have little interest in.

In this case, support from the White House did the Common Core no favors. 

My friend and former FCPS  colleague Robyn Oatley recently wrote on Stu Silberman's Public Engagement blog that, 
"The truth is that the federal government has done nothing, except offer temporary financial incentives for states to work together on standards they could share; there was no mandate to adopt the Common Core standards - states had a choice."