Wednesday, May 08, 2013

FCPS Board Member Wants to Change Culture

"I am shocked, appalled and disappointed in the 
obvious lapses of judgment and lack of accountability"
-- Doug Barnett

 This from Doug Barnett via Facebook:
Several of you have asked me for a comment on last night's WLEX-18 story concerning the professional development spending by the FCPS Special Education Department. My comments are limited since this does involve personnel matters so I will not publicly comment on specific individuals. I can, however, say that I am shocked, appalled and disappointed in the obvious lapses of judgment and lack of accountability placed on display last night. I will be asking more questions about this matter in the coming weeks to ensure that your money is spent in the manner that best benefits all of our kids.

I believe that those in positions of authority must lead by example. I have attended one out-of-state trip, the National Association of School Boards Annual Conference in Boston in 2012 and found the conference to be of suspect value. I believe that most of out-of-state trips and conferences, particularly the ones displayed last night, were of little value for our district. I say that because our achievement gap actually increased since 2009 for our students who require special education services. Therefore effectively immediately, I voluntarily announce that I will no longer attend any conferences outside of Kentucky. I hope and frankly expect my colleagues and FCPS administrators to follow my lead. I hope this is the start of a significant culture change for us.


Richard Day said...

I edited an comment received from Anonymous on May 8, 2013 at 5:45 PM - not because it was unprofessional - but it connected a personally identifiable child with special needs services.

But the commenter also said:

"I've seen Mr. Barnett go on the Vengence Trail when he really gets angry about something. This might be bad news for some folks up at FCPS Special Ed."

Thanks for the comment.

Sherry said...

While I appreciate Mr. Barnett's response, I urge him NOT to let the focus of his inquiries rest solely on the lack of judgment displayed in these few isolated incidents. While these are indicative of the current culture, there are serious, systemic problems in the FCPS Special Education department that have gone on for years and are much more important than the money (apparently) wasted on a few out-of-state trips.

This is an opportunity to address issues that could make a world of difference to a lot of children in Fayette County. Please don't waste it focusing on issues of little importance.

Seek out parents of current & former Fayette County special needs students. Hear their stories. Do research on their validity. Then decide which issues should be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barnett,Stu, and Dr. Shelton have all been aware and provided documentation of other unethical activities by principals in the last few years. In fact they are or should be aware of one that is still happening. Nothing has been done to remove the principal and many unethical events still take place.Perhaps the best thing out of all the news coverage is that more of Lexington and beyond is aware of unethical practices taking place in FCPS.Mabey some more house cleaning will be done so that education for all can take place. Teachers tenured and non tenured fear to speak out because retiliation is very active in Fayette County. If you raise questions you are considered a negative person. If you don't do what principal says ,even when you know it is ethically wrong you will experience job loss or isolation within your own building.Funds are wasted and needs of students are going unmet.Teachers put in so much overtime that is not reimbursed yet demanded. We attend training way over and above the 24 hour requirement per year yet no compensation.Who wouoldn't want to be an administrator that vacations at tax payer expense.I guess those of us who have a conscious. I encourage all board members and Dr. Shelton to act!