Monday, May 06, 2013

Fayette County Schools - Special Ed, Special Perks

For about a month now WLEX has been investigating allegations that members of the FCPS Special Education Department used federal stimulus funds for inappropriate activities. The original sources for the WLEX story have indicated to KSN&C that the FBI and state officials have taken an interest in the evidence. But allegations extend beyond tomorrow's WLEX 18 expose, which we understand will focus on trips taken by FCPS Special Education Director Kathy Dykes and her staff. Other allegations include breeches of confidentiality, inappropriate sexual activity, and harassment.

But there's more. A number of parents have complained that FCPS has failed to implement appropriate IEP's for their children, and one even alleges that their due process hearing lost a year of progress because a key party to the hearing failed to divulge to the other parties that she was sleeping with the hearing officer!

If verified as true, we'll bring you the story.

In the meantime, here's WLEX's promo.

This from LEX18 Investigates:

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