Tuesday, May 21, 2013

EKU Task Force Announces Reorganization Timeline

This from the EKU Strategic Reallocation Task Force:

During the last few weeks, each Work Unit has been charged with reviewing Positions and structure as part of the strategic reallocation process at EKU.   The Strategic Budget Reallocation Task Force members have been involved with the review and development of the Work Unit reorganization plans.   These plans have been approved by President Whitlock and President-elect Benson. 

The result of this review is a revised organizational chart for many Work Units reflecting the Positions that will exist in the Work Unit following the reorganization.   This chart lists Position titles and reporting relationships only, and not employee names, at this point in the process.  The Task Force anticipates that these reorganization plans will be ready for communication within the University on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, as part of the overall reorganization timeline shown below.   This timeline includes information about when and how Position vacancies will be announced within Work Units and to the campus as a whole.

Now, as always, Eastern Kentucky University is committed to and employs strategies for ensuring equal opportunity in the University’s workforce.  We are an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action institution that values diversity in its faculty, staff, and student body.  In keeping with this commitment, the University welcomes applications for available Positions from diverse candidates and candidates who support diversity, upholds the right of individuals to treatment on a non-discriminatory basis, and ensures organizational processes that maximize the potential of all individuals by valuing inclusion of individual differences.  These are proactive concepts that imply aggressive, vigorous, and systematic activities to achieve equality and equity for all.   To uphold these commitments, the University will follow documented employment processes as the planned reorganizations are implemented.   

At this time, the plan is to complete internal moves within Work Units during the week of May 21 through a streamlined employment process.  Your supervisor will be providing you with information as to how to express interest in available Positions within the Work Unit.  You will need to provide a current copy of your résumé to your Work Unit supervisor.  Please update your résumé now to be sure that it contains all of your work history, education, and other qualifications.  

Following these internal moves, all remaining vacant Positions will be posted on May 29 through EKU’s Online Employment System (OES).  All presently employed regular full-time or part-time benefitted employees can apply for consideration for any of the Positions.  This process will work just like all regular job postings at EKU.  As part of this process, an internal Job Fair, attended by representatives of the Work Units that have Position vacancies, will be held on May 30; more details on this event will be provided. 

If you have questions regarding these processes, you should contact your Supervisor or a member of the Human Resource staff.

Reorganization Timeline

May 20
Last day to revoke application/acceptance into VBP
May 21
Announce Work Unit internal reorganization plan within Work Unit
May 22-24
Application,  Interview Period , and Selection
·         Employees within the Work Unit express interest and submit qualifications to managers via a letter of intent and résumé or application
·         Managers hold interviews with the most qualified applicants
·         Managers provide complete documentation regarding selections and placements to HR for review and approval using attached form
·         HR makes compensation recommendations as applicable and sends to managers
·         Mangers offer positions to employees
May 28
Employment Plans are due to HR
·         Internal selections & justification
·         Vacancy list & Position descriptions
May 29

May 30
·         All vacancies are posted campus-wide for Internal Candidates Only
·         E-mail sent to affected employees with vacant position list & application instructions
·         E-mail sent to entire campus community regarding open positions
·         Internal Job Fair held on campus; location and time TBD
June 2
All OES postings close
June 3-7
Hiring officials review applications for open Positions
Interviews take place, selections are made/reviewed/approved
Job offers are made
June 7
Staff RIF plans are due to HR

As always, the Task Force welcomes your comments, suggestions, and questions.  You can submit them by sending your email to BudgetTaskForce@eku.edu or submit them anonymously to Budget Task Force.


Anonymous said...

This is joke. The most important thing an organization does is hire the right people for right positions. Task Force takes three months and gives university dept heads a few days to fill positions with folks who probably don't fit their needs. Really?

Over the last few years, Dept. heads and chairs have been required to spend weeks jumping HR hoops and waiting for action on their requests for personnel making sure they have followed various recruitment/interviewing/justification for position procedures and now suddenly all of this can just be done in a few days?

This process is being rammed through so the univeristy can make its 30 day RIF notice requirement without any consideration for department heads actually doing a legitmate search, much less spend any time evaluating the candidates.

Anonymous said...

I will be interested to see how many positions opened up through this VBP and early retirement of staff.

So if one of my staff leaves to go to an open position in another area next week I am stuck trying to fill a position. Seems like this whole process is just reshuffling the deck with fewer cards.

What happens if I can't find a qualified internal candidate to fill my open spot? From what I am hearing, most of the RIFs are going to hit the lowest skilled positions with the least senority - no offense to anyone but is that where we really are expecting to draw from in order to fill open positions which over the last few years have had additional responsibilities heaped on to them with hiring freezes?

This is about as strategic as evacuating a buring building.

Anonymous said...

So folks have two weeks to fill positions with internal only candidates. So if the only person who applies to my department's clerical position is someone with no clerical skills, I have to either take that person or have it go unfilled? Now how is that strategic?

Even in the best case scenerio, it sounds like we are just robbing Peter to pay Paul in some sort of shell game.