Friday, May 10, 2013


 EKU Students Cashing in on Graduation Tickets

This from WTVQ:
Each graduate planning on attending the evening commencement at Eastern Kentucky University was given 6 tickets for friends and family.
The rest were given away in a campus raffle.

There is a high demand for the tickets to this year's graduation because First Lady Michelle Obama is speaking. Some students have put their excess tickets for sale on Craigslist. We found some tickets priced at $150 each.

University administrators are aware that some tickets are being sold online, but say they do not anticipate any safety concerns from students selling tickets.

EKU released a statement Wednesday saying, "All persons, regardless of how they may have received their ticket... must go through the same security parameters."

People attending the evening ceremony are being told to expect airport-like screening and to be prepared to wait in line outside.

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"In Kentucky, Education Pays"