Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Football Player Describes Sex with Teacher

This from the Kentucky Enquirer, Photo by Patrick Reddy :
A former Dayton High School football player described ... in graphic detail sexual romps with an assistant cheerleading coach who also taught freshman English.

The student testified in Kenton Circuit Court that the four or five sexual encounters at teacher Nicole Howell’s MainStrasse apartment during the winter of 2008 were consensual. The student was 16 at the time and Howell was 25...A change in Kentucky law last year makes it a felony for a teacher to have even consensual sex with a pupil who is under 18. First-degree sexual abuse is punishable by up to five years in prison...
The prosecution claims the student would sneak out of his house for late-night rendezvous with Howell.

The defense claims the student invented the story that “he bagged a teacher” so he could brag to his friends.

The student...[testified] about his encounters with Howell. He repeatedly used slang terms to describe Howell’s anatomy. And he testified extensively about sneaking out of his mother’s home at night, partying and spiking orange drinks with vodka.

He arrived at Howell’s house drunk at least one time, he testified. On two or three occasions, she provided the vodka, he said.

When asked what Howell said during sex, the student responded, “She called me Daddy.

”There were a couple of facts no one disputed: The student regularly participated in underage drinking and Howell used poor judgment by repeatedly sending him text messages.

The prosecution says those text messages, yet to be presented in court, contain the student texting Howell about her cute buttocks and her asking the student what “he had to work with in bed.”

When questioned by the defense why he couldn’t remember many details of the sexual encounters, the student repeatedly said, “I was drunk. I could barely stand.”

In court Wednesday, defense attorney Eric Deters finished his cross-examination of the teenager and asked for a dismissal, or mistrial, after he claimed the prosecutors had a timeline of the alleged affair wrong, but the trial continued. Howell could take the stand in her own defense as early as this afternoon.

Backstory from KSN&C.


Anonymous said...

I do not believe the student. Plain and simple. Students know the schools will buckle easily when they launch such accusations. They know any accusation they make will be taken as the Gospel.

We constantly hear about teachers who want to have sex with students. What about the students who want to have sex with their teachers? What about the students who lie?

Richard Day said...

OK. I get all that.

But shouldn't we wait for the rest of the facts to come out before deciding? Otherwise, our opinions only reflect our biases, right?