Friday, October 09, 2009

Suit says teacher tried to sicken allergic boy

This from the Indianapolis Star:

Teacher didn't want to
take student with autism
on field trip to zoo, reports say

The mother of a 7-year-old boy with autism and a severe peanut allergy claims in a new lawsuit that a teacher didn't want her son to go on a class trip to the zoo. So, the suit contends, she tossed him a Mr. Goodbar -- chock full of peanuts.

"Maybe he could get sick enough not to attend and we won't have to deal with it," the teacher told a classroom aide, according to court and state documents.

The boy didn't eat the candy bar. The teacher, Trinda Barocas, has denied doing anything to prevent the child from attending the trip or harming any children. She has since resigned from the school, RISE Learning Center in Indianapolis.

The Mr. Goodbar allegation came to light when school officials called in state child welfare investigators after teacher's aides alerted them about concerns that the teacher was abusive.

Child Protective Services substantiated the claims, according to the agency's report...

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