Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hi. We're Politicians and We're here to Help you.

This from Signe Wilkinson in Slate:
Newt and Al stump for more pressure on Teachers


Anonymous said...

I believe the man in the front of teh line is my superintendent, Dr. Stu Silberman!

Richard Day said...


Sure, there is no doubt that the superintendency is a political job. But to lump a working superintendent in with Gingrich and Sharpton...? I'm not sure the comparison holds up.

To be fair - and in the interest of full disclosure - Newt was, at least, a college instructor at West Georiga in the 70s when my wife knew him, a little. And my future son-in-law co-authored a chapter in his new book on healthcare.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the post by Richard. On each lesson plan we submit in Fayette County we must explain what we will do "if the students don't learn the material." That comes from Stu himself....

I wonder what most teachers tell their principals when kids don't learn the material? Or do most teachers simply do like my colleague: he has all gardes assume eqaul weight. A test counts no more than a homework. He grades tests only and all homework gets a 100%. His students all have A's and B's.... Based on the grades, nobody says, "What are you doing wrong?"