Saturday, October 31, 2009

Former Male Principal repeatedly investigated for inappropriate conduct

This from Adam Walser at WHAS-TV by way of KSBA:

New allegations arise about Male High principal's past
WHAS11 has learned that Jefferson County Public Schools reprimanded David Wilson more than three years before recent serious incidents led to his early retirement.

We got a tip from a Male High School employee that Wilson had been repeatedly investigated for inappropriate conduct while serving as principal.

So we asked for records involving prior disciplinary action and we discovered a long account of an incident more than 3 years ago in which administrators say Wilson’s actions put students’ lives and the school district’s security at risk.

The faded pictures from a disposable camera show evidence of what looks like a school prank. Books are scattered and furniture is stacked into a pyramid but the prank that took place at Male High School in May 2006 was different.

According to the investigation report, Principal David Wilson was one of its masterminds.

“We’d never had a principal that had helped assist in a senior prank that could have potentially turned out to be so dangerous,” said JCPS Spokesperson Lauren Roberts.

According to investigators, Wilson met with students and encouraged them to break into the building.

He even promised that if they were caught by police, he would get them out of trouble and handle the situation.

Wilson also advised students to prank the band tower, told them how to climb onto the roof and to encouraged them to target the library.

“Mr. Wilson had informed the students how they could get into the school after hours as well as how to compromise the security system,” said Roberts.

On the night of the prank, students broke in through a window left unlocked and pulled hundreds of books off the library shelves as well as risked life and limb vandalizing other parts of campus.

According to one student, Mr. Wilson later congratulated her, saying “I have one word for you, “bravo.””

But Mr. Wilson didn’t have much at all to say to us.

Wilson announced his sudden retirement a month ago after allegedly showing teachers security footage of students having sex in the cafeteria and after complaints were lodged against him accusing him drinking on the job, making vulgar comments and violating other board policies.

“We tried for a period of time to continue to work with Mr. Wilson on these issues,”
said Roberts. “I guess if it had worked, we would not be at the point where we are now.”

Wilson has served the Jefferson County Public School District since 1978 and was named principal of Male High School in 2000.


Emily Knight EDF 203 said...

I find it absurd that Mr. Wilson was not fired for the incident involving the prank. He encouraged students, and even gave them the means, to engage in an activity that was extremely dangerous. The kids could have been severely injured or worse, and he should have been held responsible. Not to mention the damages that the prank undoubtedly caused at the school, specifically to the library. As recently as last week Male High School students were found to be responsible for defacing the property at rival Dupont Manual High School, an act that then led to retaliation by Manual students. I am not defending what those group of students did, but if their own Principle had encouraged such juvenile acts in the past, one can understand how they could overlook the trouble caused by their actions, and only see it as a harmless prank.

Michael L. Sparks said...

Michael Sparks
EDF 203

It is unbelieveable to me that Mr. Wilson is not looking for another career tonight. The fact that he gave the students the means to commit this act of vandlesim. I am also in disbelief that a school administrator would ever be associated with such crimes. Breaking into schools and vandilizing the library is a crime. To "cheer on" this action is both unacceptable and criminal.

Richard Day said...

What does it take for a school administrator to get fired in Jefferson County?

Some administrators are kept on after years of stagnant student achievement.

Another principal is kept on after his faith-based refusal to look into the death of one of his students.

Now this.

Really. What does it take?

So far, stealing money seems to be the only way.

Emily Knight EDF 203 said...

Dr. Day, that is the reason why Louisville is able to support so many private schools.