Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Robert Brown retired as EPSB chief Thursday

Jimmy Adams takes over immediately 

This from Brad Hughes at KSBA:
2015 is going to be a year of change at the top of the Kentucky K-12 education scene. Last month, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday and Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence Executive Director Stu Silberman both announced their retirements.

Now, the Education Professional Standards Board – the state agency that oversees certified personnel credentialing and investigates allegations of violations – is getting a new chief.

Robert L. Brown, who has been EPSB executive director for since 2013, has retired. Friday, the EPSB Board of Directors announced that Deputy Executive Director Jimmy Adams will hold the post of “acting” executive director for an unspecified period of time.

Brown, who had served as the agency’s professional learning and assessment division director, had a long history in education, having been assistant superintendent in Washington County, principal in the old Harrodsburg Independent district and also a teacher in Harrodsburg and Laurel County schools.

A press release from the agency issued Friday gave no reason for Brown’s sudden retirement.
“It is a great honor to be selected by the board,” Adams said in the news release. “While working with this agency I have been impressed with the amount and quality of work produced each year to support education in Kentucky. I am humbled by the opportunity and look forward to the work with our board as we continue to support educator preparation, credentialing, and ensuring highly effective teachers in our classrooms.”

Adams has worked in schools and/or central offices in the Fayette, Jessamine and Woodford county school systems.

EPSB was a creation of the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990. Its responsibilities include establishing standards of performance both for teacher preparation programs and practitioners; accrediting educator preparation programs at colleges, universities, local school districts, and with private contractors; selecting assessments for teachers and administrators; overseeing internship programs for new teachers and new principals; operating the Continuing Education Option for rank change program; overseeing the alternative routes to certification; and issuing, renewing, investigating, suspending, and revoking Kentucky certificates for professional school personnel.


Bringyoursaddlehome said...

Wow, not even two years of service and the kitchen was already getting too hot with CPE and KDE turf battles. Also, what is up with the backlog of investigation/reviews of teachers?

Seems like the problem with EPSB is middle management folks decide to make changes on the fly and then don't communicate the changes to folks. When you do find out the changes are immediate so you don't have any time to respond or plan and as a result find yourself out of compliance. Seems like they have folks creating new policy without knowing what existing policy is that is either already in place or runs counter to the new stuff.

Good to be seperate from KDE/CPE sisters but they need to get their house in order.

Richard Innes said...


Does it seem like an awful lot of key players in Kentucky education are quitting of late?

Ken Draut, Terry Holliday, now Brown, all leaving, and I believe other key folks are saying so long, as well.

Anything brewing?