Saturday, March 03, 2012

Teacher Caught on Tape Bullying Student.

Is a Camera a Kid's Only Advocate?

 This from Yahoo:

Nobody believed Julio Artuz, a 15 year old New Jersey special education student, when he complained of being bullied by his teacher. So he caught the whole thing on tape.

In footage captured in secret on his cellphone, Artuz is subjected to curses and berating from a man who's supposed to be a mentor.

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Artuz's teacher says: "I will kick your [expletive] from here to kingdom come until I'm 80 years old."

"Don't threaten me," responds Artuz.

"What are you going to do? You gonna get a chopper and chop me?" asks his teacher as the rest of the class sits rubbernecking the heated argument.

What Jules did do was show his taped account to his parents and a local advocate of bullied students.

After an NBC news affiliate in Philadelphia got hold of the footage (above), the school immediately took action, placing the teacher on paid administrative leave pending an investigation... 


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Anonymous said...

Not trying to devalue the significance of this adult misbehavior, but how many times do you think threatening and disrespectful things are said to teachers who, if they recorded it and sent it to the news media for publication would be sued for FERPA violations. It is an unfortunate situation and like so many stories of the recent story blogs about teachers dating students, superintendents buying votes and administrators using school resources for their own personal political agendas, we all get a black eye in the profession by a few folks' misdeeds. No wonder leaders are more interested in punative actions than supportive investments in educators (not to be confused with federal money sent to state to bribe them into the appearance of reform).