Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Colorado University Campus Gun Ban Overturned By State Supreme Court

This from the Huffington Post:
Students and employees of Colorado institutions of higher education can legally carry guns on campus, according to a state Supreme Court ruling Monday.
In a victory for guns-rights activists, the Colorado Supreme Court struck down the University of Colorado's campus gun ban that blocked students and employees from carrying licensed concealed weapons. The prohibition, the Court ruled, is illegal because it was not approved by the Legislature.
"We're very, very happy," James Manley of the Mountain State Legal Foundation, which fought CU's ban, told The Denver Post. "The position of the Supreme Court was that [CU Regents] were operating above the law." The university adopted its policy in 1994. Opponents of the ban said the CU rule was challenged as part of a nationwide effort to standardize campus gun policies. "We don't feel some campuses should allow it and others ban it," David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, a nationwide student advocacy group, said in a statement Monday.
The ruling extends to about 30 public universities, colleges and community colleges across the state, instituting a blanket policy for Colorado campuses that previously had different rules.Colorado State University and a number of community colleges initially had banned guns on their campuses, but rescinded the prohibitions in 2010 following a lower court ruling, according to the Associated Press.
Colorado's Concealed Carry Act, which was enacted in 2003, prohibits local governments from limiting rights, stating that a person with a permit can carry a concealed weapon "in all areas of the state," with the exception of certain federal properties, K-12 schools, public buildings with security checkpoints and private properties where owners object to concealed weapons. College campuses are not explicitly excepted under the law...

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