Thursday, March 22, 2012

South Marshall Middle School Principal Resigns Suddenly Amid Rape Charges

This from WPSD Local 6: (VIDEO)
Depressed, distraught and in jail is the condition for veteran educator and one time principal Kent Barlow.

Barlow appeared in Marshall County District Court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing on charges stemming from an incident March 11. He waived his right to that hearing and the case now goes to a grand jury.

Kentucky State Police arrested Barlow on charges of rape, assault, wanton endangerment, terroristic threatening and unlawful imprisonment.

Investigators say it all happened at his home and involved a female acquaintance of his.

Barlow served as principal at South Marshall Middle School but resigned effective immediately on Wednesday...
This from the West Ky Star:
While facing charges of rape, terroristic threatening, and false imprisonment, Kent Barlow has resigned as Principal of South Marshall Middle School.

The Marshall County School District is expected to post the job opening Thursday, and must replace him by July 1, according to the Paducah Sun.

Meanwhile, Barlow was in Marshall District Court Wednesday, where he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. His attorneys, Mark Bryant and Emily Roark, asked to have Barlow's bail be reduced so he can go to a rehabilitation center in central Tennessee, but that request was denied by Judge Jack Telle. Bryant said he is trying to find another counseling center for Barlow.

Barlow was arrested on Sunday, March 11 after a female acquaintance escaped to a neighbor's house and called police. She accused him of raping her, hitting her head against a wall, and dragging her back into his home by her hair after she ran outside.

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ayden young said...

i am a former student of his now in highschool,he always preached to me about how much character counted. how i should not only make my character count inside of school but outside as well. i think he needs to practice what he preaches!