Friday, January 27, 2012

Prichard Breaks Down the Bad News

SEEK and the Governor's Budget

This from Prichard:

The SEEK base guarantee per pupil will go down:

  • $3,903 was the original SEEK base guarantee per pupil for 2011-12
  • $3,850 is the average guarantee that has actually been possible for 2011-12: schools turned out have more students than the budget expected and funding for each child had to be reduced as a result.
  • $3,833 is the proposed base guarantee for 2012-13.
  • $3,827 is the proposed base guarantee for 2013-14.
The total funding for the SEEK base will be flat:
  • $2.9 billion was the budget line item for 2011-12.
  • $2.9 billion is the proposed budget line item for 2012-13.
  • $2.9 billion is the proposed budget line item for 2013-14.
Why will the per pupil will go down while the total funding remains flat?  Primarily, because the number of students in average daily attendance is expected to rise...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we need to convince people to take their kids to neighboring states and encourage folks without kids but significant employment potential to relocated here. Maybe those casinos will do the trick

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that our leaders tout the importance of education to protect the American Dream and to most that American Dream rooted in financial stability and freedom. Ironically, though, institutions of education are increasingly finding themselves with both less financial stability and less freedom due to our leader's actions.

It just dosen't make much sense to place responsibility for public advancement with an organization which is being not being supported to do so itself.

Anonymous said...

Surely this in not accurate; KDE just got a multimillion dollar race to the top grant from the federal government. I am sure these funds will be given to the schools who are being expected to do the actual "racing" and not simply spent on those who wrote grant. If that weren't true then one might conclude that "unbridled learning" had more to do with the unpredictablity of financial support for schools and the directionless initiatives which flood the schools on a weekly basis.

Hey, have you gotten all your community members organized to come counsel all your student on their future careers this semester. Now who is suppose to organize this and what common core are we suppose to skip to cover this unfunded, undeveloped idea? By the way what is a district suppose to do if it don't have anyone in their county that performs that career and what are we suppose to do about counseling folks in those 7 out 10 most in demand jobs which haven't even been created yet?

Let's face it "unbridled" is double speak for people in Frankfort creating idealistic, impractical expectation which underfunded schools have no ability to accomplish.