Thursday, January 12, 2012

JCPS board OKs revised student-assignment plan

This from the Courier-Journal:
About 2,000 more elementary students in Jefferson County Public Schools will be allowed to attend schools closer to their homes this fall, as the school board voted unanimously Monday night to adopt a number of changes to its controversial student-assignment plan.

Under the proposal, the district will still have six clusters of elementary schools from which parents can choose — rather than doubling them to 12 as a previous plan proposed — yet give schools more credit for diversity within their enrollment areas.

Limited-English students also will be added in the diversity index for the first time, and kindergartners will not have to reapply to their same school for first grade — a previous requirement that upset many parents.

Though not as sweeping as earlier proposals, the changes will maintain integrated schools while reducing bus-ride times for some students and avoiding disruptions to school choice, district officials said...

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