Monday, September 01, 2008

It's a cell, cell world: UK ditches dorm land lines

This from H-L:

For University of Kentucky students, the land line is dead.

Cell phone-toting students have so little use for old-fashioned phone lines that UK has disconnected its dorm rooms, saving the school $840,000.

Although any of UK's 5,600 dorm residents can request a phone line, only seven had done so a day after the academic year began last Wednesday.

"I spend a lot of time on my cell phone," said Kimberly Lawless, 18, a freshman who graduated from Lexington's Paul Dunbar High School and lives in a UK dorm. "At my house I normally don't use the land line phone. I use my cell phone. I guess you have your cell phone everywhere."

Her attitude is the norm, according to a UK survey that shows 98.2 percent of students in dorms own and prefer to use cell phones over land lines.

"I grew up on the cell phone," said Tyler Fleck, 22, a senior from Louisville who majors in political science. "This generation, we've moved to the cell phone. Even my parents have cell phones."

Apparently, the cost of using a cell phone is no deterrent in a time of high college costs.

Lawless said her monthly cell phone bill is $50. "My parents pay the bill," she added...

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