Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cheating on ACT, SAT college entrance exams has few consequences

This from the Los Angles Times:

If the testing firms suspect fraud,
they simply cancel the student's score
-- but they never tell schools why

A group of students at a Los Angeles high school is suspected of cheating on the ACT college entrance exam by paying a former student, who used fraudulent identification, to take the tests. The testing agency recently began investigating the claims, which could result in cancellation of scores provided to colleges.But those colleges will not be told why the scores are invalid, nor will the students' high school be clued in.

In all likelihood, the students will simply retake the test with few consequences, the result of a little-known policy by the ACT and the College Board, which owns the rival SAT, to keep such irregularities confidential. Each year, millions of stressed-out students take the two tests, hoping a good score will secure them a spot at the nation's top colleges.But most students know little of what occurs when a score is in dispute. And the policies of the two nonprofit test companies seem to satisfy no one. Some complain that scores are arbitrarily canceled without evidence, while others criticize the companies for giving a free pass to cheaters...

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