Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kathy Stein to sponsor Creepy Teacher Bill

The Herald-Leader reports that Representative Kathy Stein, (D) Lexington, will take over sponsorship of former Rep J R Gray's ...what? ...Creepy Teacher bill?

The bill (not yet drafted) seeks to criminalize the behavior of teachers and aides who prey sexually on their 16 and 17-year old charges. The approach seems to be focused on the age of consent rather than a straightforward declaration that being a teacher confirs a higher standard of behavior on all who act in loco parentis and would punish those who abuse their trust with any P-12 child. I assume there are sound legal reasons for the approach.

It is also unclear if the bill will cover other classes of "teachers," such as clergy, counselors and others.

In any case, thank you Kathy.
This from the Herald-Leader

Key lawmaker takes over bill to
criminalize teacher-student sex

FRANKFORT, Ky. --A key lawmaker will champion proposed legislation that would criminalize sex between teachers and older teens who are not protected by Kentucky's age-of-consent law.

State Rep. Kathy Stein, chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee, took responsibility for the legislation after its originator resigned to take a job in the Gov. Steve Beshear's fledgling administration.

"Boys and girls, when they have a teacher or an aide in a position of authority, are extremely vulnerable, and they deserve protection from that," she said.

Sexual misconduct allegations led states across the country to take action against the teaching licenses of 2,570 educators from 2001 through 2005, according to a seven-month Associated Press investigation, the results of which were published in October. Young people were the victims in at least 1,801 of the cases, and more than 80 percent of those were students.

In Kentucky, officials handled nearly 100 instances of teacher sexual misconduct over the five-year-period the AP reviewed, ranging from minor violations like using sexual language to more serious, criminal acts such as inappropriate touching and even sodomy and rape...

...The Kentucky legislation would be aimed at adults who abuse their positions of authority to draw teens into sexual relationships. The bill, however, exempts married couples, even when an underage spouse is married to an adult...

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