Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Principal prompts uproar. Teachers, parents angry over charges of grade-changing.

Angry parents confronted Chicago Public Schools administrators Tuesday about allegations that a Southwest Side elementary school principal faked grades for 23 eighth-graders.

The principal, Eugene Taylor, was removed from McKay Elementary last week but continues to be paid while school officials investigate.

In his first public remarks since his removal, Taylor denied the allegations and dubbed it a "witch hunt" by disgruntled staff members and Chicago Board of Education officials. Taylor, who was not present when parents confronted school officials, shifted the blame to an assistant principal who he said ordered teachers to change the grades.

"It was not me . . . No one is questioning [the assistant principal]. It's all me because I'm the fall guy, I'm the principal," Taylor said. "They are out to get me . . . this is ridiculous."

During their meeting with administrators at the school, parents and teachers blasted Taylor's leadership during his 18 months at McKay. They also lashed out at administrators for not informing them that Taylor, 59, had been suspended for five days in February without pay over alleged mismanagement of school funds and personnel issues.

This from the Chicago Tribune.

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