Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day

John L. Day - On the campaign trail, circa 1954, with sons Jack and "Dick" (a name I abandoned in junior high school).

My father, a rather independent Democrat, served in the Kentucky House of Representatives for two terms in the mid-1950s - contemporaneously with Foster Ockerman Sr., Edward T "Ned" Brethitt, Harry King Lowman, & John B Breckinridge.

Speedy Kentuckians can thank him for the “points” on your driver’s license.

My mother’s folks were all Goldwater Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

A Raleigh prosecutor "puffed up" his case against Duke students to gain political advantage and got disbarred. Sad, but the right outcome.

A superintendent "puffed up" her resume to gain political advantage and got a promotion. Sad, and the wrong outcome.

Just my opinion