Friday, June 22, 2007

No slack for slackers

Colleges are revoking admissions for students who may have partied too much their senior year.

Some high school seniors may have scoffed at warnings about partying instead of studying this spring. But nagging counselors and parents turn out to have been right: A senior-year slump can have painful repercussions.

In June and July, elite universities in California and across the country increasingly are revoking admission offers to students whose grades originally were good enough to gain acceptance but whose final exams and transcripts took a dive into Ds or worse. It's a little-known practice, but it can dump as much as 2% of an incoming class.

For example, UCLA has begun to send out letters informing some students that their "academic record no longer meets the standards for admission." So the coveted acceptances to the freshman class, celebrated just months ago, are withdrawn. Gone. Revoked. Frittered away.

This from the Los Angeles Times.

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