Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Former Fayette/Madison Principal Arrested on Sexual Abuse, Assault Charges


According to the Madison County Detention Center former Principal Joy Alison Hayes was placed under arrest today. She is charged with 1st degree Sexual Abuse, and 4th degree Assault.

According to northern Kentucky attorney Frank Mungo, Under KRS 510.110, 510.120, and 510.130, Kentucky establishes three-degrees of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is a lesser included offense of rape. First degree sexual abuse occurs when the defendant subjects another person to sexual contact: 1) by forcible compulsion; or 2) with one who is incapable of consent because he is either physically helpless or because he is less than 12 years of age.

Under KRS 530.030 Assault 4th degree is a Class A misdemeanor which occurs when the perpetrator intentionally or wantonly causes injury to another person, or recklessly causes physical injury by means of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. 

KSN&C has not seen the arrest report and has no further details on the allegations.

The Madison County Board of Education accepted Hayes' resignation from her post as principal of Madison Southern High School on January 9th, 2014 where she had been principal since July of 2012.

Hayes joined the Madison County schools from Fayette County where she previously served as principal of the Lexington Traditional Middle School since July 1, 2010.

Superintendent Stu Silberman announced her 2010 appointment thus:
Joy “Alison” Hayes, who has been in education for 11 years, will become principal at Lexington Traditional Magnet School.
Hayes at LTMS, 2010
Hayes joins the Fayette County Public Schools from Oklahoma City, OK, where she has served as the district curriculum coordinator for Moore Public Schools since 2008. She has also been a principal intern and teacher in the Millwood (OK) and Columbus (OH) Public School systems and has worked with state education departments on school improvement and curriculum alignment efforts, and the federal department of education and Congress on educational reform in middle schools.
Born and raised in Kentucky and recruited out-of-state to work with schools in need of improvement, Hayes is glad to be moving back closer to family and friends.
“LTMS is exactly the type of school I want to serve because it has a broad array of student abilities and needs, and it’s a setting that I'm excited about,” she said, noting that in the other states she’s worked in, Kentucky schools are often considered models for reform efforts.
"Kentucky schools are very progressive and innovative, and Fayette County seems to be on top of that. I look forward to working with the creative abilities of teachers, students and their families to achieve the mission of the school and prepare our students for success in life.”
Silberman was pleased to welcome her to Lexington.
“Alison comes to us very highly recommended, and I look forward to having her join the team of leaders in our school district,” he said. “She has excelled in many different areas, and everything she has touched has moved on toward excellence.”
Middle school director Kelley Crain agreed.
“Alison brings with her a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, versatility, care and concern for students that will benefit the entire LTMS school community,” Crain said. “I extend her my sincere congratulations and look forward to working with her during the upcoming school year.”
Hayes learning to play drums at LTMS in 2011.
Hayes said she’ll begin by building relationships on campus and in the community.
“One of my first steps will be to get to know my new school family,” she said. “To get to know the students and parents and teachers, to celebrate their successes and then to collaboratively set new goals and develop a vision to take us above and beyond where we currently stand.”
Hayes, 39, has a son who will be a senior at Scott County High School this fall. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, master’s degree in education administration and certificate endorsements in art education and science education from the University of Central Oklahoma. Hayes has been a school and district-level Teacher of the Year.
This from the Richmond Register:

Ex-MSHS asst. principal charged with sex abuse

On separate occasions in September, Berea Police received two complaints alleging Joy Alison Hayes, 43, formerly an assistant principal at Madison Southern High School, was harassing juveniles.
Joy Alison Hayes

On Oct. 1, officers interviewed one of the juveniles and were told Hayes had sexual contact with her at the home where Hayes resided in Berea, a BPD news release stated.

According to an arrest-warrant affidavit filed in Madison District Court, the abuse began in November 2013 and took place “repeatedly” until Sept. 10, while Hayes was a guest in a victim’s home and entrusted with her care.
On Tuesday, a Richmond Police officer stopped Hayes for a minor traffic violation and arrested her based on a warrant sought by the victim’s parents, the BPD news release stated.
Hays was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, fourth-degree assault, witness tampering and unlawful transaction with a minor.
Now a resident of Lexington, Hayes was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center, where she remained Wednesday evening, according to the jail’s online records.
She was employed by the Madison County Schools in July 2012, but resigned from her Madison Southern job in December, said school district spokesperson Erin Stewart.
Before taking the job at Madison Southern, Hayes was principal at the Lexington Traditional Magnet School for two academic years, 2010-12, according to a page on the Fayette County Schools’ website.
In January, Hayes began working for the Berea College Gear Up program, where she worked to “implement programs designed to help more students move from high school to college,” according to Tim Jordan, college spokesperson. However, her duties “did not include direct interaction with students,” he said.
This from the H-L:
A former assistant principal of Madison Southern High School in Berea was charged Tuesday with the sexual abuse of a juvenile, Berea police said in a news release.

Joy Hayes, 43, of Lexington remained in the Madison County jail Wednesday after she was picked up on a minor traffic violation in Richmond.

On two occasions, Berea police took reports that Hayes was harassing juveniles who were students at Madison Southern High, Berea Police Sgt. Jake Reed said. Arrest warrants were eventually filed through the Madison County Attorney's office by the parents of the juveniles, Reed said.

Reed said the alleged offenses did not occur while Hayes was employed at Madison Southern. She also was a former principal at Lexington Traditional Magnet School.

On Oct. 1, officers learned that one of the juveniles had had sexual contact with Hayes at a home in Berea. Officers then obtained an arrest warrant for Hayes, who also was charged with fourth-degree assault, tampering with a witness and unlawful transaction with a minor.

The investigation is continuing, Reed said. Berea police are working with social workers in the investigation.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what led to her resignation in Madison County in the middle of the school year? I personally worked at LTMS when she was Principal and can say that this does not shock me. I will not elaborate with my opinions.

Anonymous said...

I too am not shocked, as I also worked at LTMS during her tenure there and saw a wonderfully run school destroyed by personal vendettas and shoddy management. To see evidence of this, just look at enrollment and test scores since 2010. It saddens me to think how many children's educations have been negatively affected by one person who obviously hoodwinked Central Office here in Fayette County Public Schools.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious also. My children attended MSHS while Ms. Hayes was assistant principal. She seemed to be almost obsessed with the dress code or what she perceived as the dress code.

Drew Hamilton said...

Yikes, and just to think I respected this woman. I was a student during her reign at LTMS. At the time she seemed fairly normal but apparently that was a completely wrong assumption.

Honestly, this is just scary.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has taught LTMS for years and was there during the time Ms. Hayes was the principal there, I can say this information is not shocking to me. She took what was one of Lexington's best schools and send it down a path where it became less then the best! I am heart broken for her victims and hold FCPS responsible for bringing her back to Kentucky. How ahe was able to obtain a position in Madsion County is beyond shocking. Those poor children.

Anonymous said...

What about all the Male employees who were Sexualleben Harassed by michael ernst. Silence is Not golden....

Anonymous said...

Very familiar with this lady and her dictatorial tactics. No shock here! Hand picked by Stu and then she started the downward spiral that is current day LTMS. Used to be a fantastic school that families from all over Fayette Co would send their kids to learn and grow. There were problems from day one with Ms Hayes between teachers and parents and it just got worse the longer she was there. Sad case!

Anonymous said...

Robert Sexton would be so proud of the sexual predators hired by Stu Silberman. Michael Ernst and now this fine pillar of the community. all of these were hard hitting administrators styled after Michelle Rhee.

Anonymous said...

If my child was there during her tenure, I would be wondering why there is no outcry or investigation in Fayette County.