Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Amanda Ferguson for School Board

This from Amanda Ferguson:
I will soon be wrapping up my second 4-year term on the Fayette County Board of Education and I believe I have been a strong advocate for all of my constituents. I have always tried to represent the best interests of both our students and the community, to make sure every tax dollar is wisely spent, and to be a voice for those who feel they have not been heard – whether students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, or simply concerned citizens. Over the last several months I have received tremendous support and positive feedback from my constituents and others in the community regarding my willingness to speak up. I feel strongly that my work on the board is not yet complete.
I have a B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Kentucky and M.A. degree in Social Psychology from Vanderbilt University. I am a proud 1984 graduate of Henry Clay High School. I attended Maxwell Elementary for 6 years and Morton Junior High for 3 years.
 Prior to my 7+ years of board service, I worked in mediation, and with the homelessly mentally ill through the Hope Center. I also volunteered for 10 years with the Citizens Foster Care Review Board, advocating for the needs of abused and neglected children in state custody.
When the oldest of my 3 children began kindergarten, I became involved with PTA at his school, serving as Teacher Appreciation Chair, vice-president, and as a tutor. My PTA and volunteer involvement have continued over the last 11 years as my husband, Todd, and I now have children at Henry Clay High School, Morton Middle School, and Ashland Elementary.
My primary goal is to continue as an effective board member, providing good governance and oversight, and ensuring the best use of district resources so that every student in our district will be able to succeed. I believe it is my responsibility to serve the public by asking questions (sometimes tough ones), offering critical analysis, responding to citizens’ concerns, and listening to the needs of teachers and other employees. I look forward to following through on the new high school that Fayette County so desperately needs and which I have been requesting for at least 5 years.
As for redistricting, I stand by the guiding principles and desirable specifications that were passed by the school board earlier this year. Through public forums and online comments, I think the community has spoken clearly their interest in preserving neighborhood schools where possible but that does not mean that socio-economic status should not also be an important consideration in school assignment decisions. With an issue as complex as redistricting, I know it is unlikely to please everyone but I think that with clear communication and explanation, our community will embrace and understand the rationale in any board decisions.  I hope to help to make the transition as smooth as possible.
            It is my belief that the school board is not a rubber stamp. I consider it my duty to receive committee reports, ask questions, clarify positions, and ultimately make the decisions that best serve our district after input from other knowledgeable and trusted sources. It is my duty as a board member to ensure our students are prepared for life after they leave our schools and to assist all teachers and staff in carrying out their duties to do so.


JP Perkins said...

I will be voting for Amanda Ferguson and I hope everyone else who can do the same!!!!Stand by her Lexington/Fayette citizens...

Anonymous said...

Amanda will be receiving my vote as well.

Catherine Barton

Anonymous said...

I can't give my name because I teach in Fayette County Schools. Amanda and Doug seem to be our only true advocates in education. They are SO ethical, so likely to follow their principles. IT IS FRIGHTENING THAT I CXANNOT SIGN MY NAME IN SUPPORT OF THESE TWO FINE INDIVIDUALS.