Saturday, October 25, 2014

Barnett Considering Legal Challenge to Cleveland's FCPS Board Candidacy

Earlier this week KSN&C received the following from someone claiming to be an FCPS employee and calling him or herself Finn McMissle ( The reader made allegations of inappropriate campaign financing against District 2 candidate for FCPS School Board, Roger Cleveland.
As an employee of the Fayette County Schools--I cannot give you my name for fear of retaliation by Tom Shelton and my immediate supervisor--I feel obligated to report the following information to somebody. 
Dr. Roger Cleveland

I have attached a copy of the campaign finance report for Roger Cleveland, current candidate for FCPS School Board District 2. This report is currently posted on the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance webpage

KRS 161.164 (1) and (2) prohibits employees from the school district from taking part in the management or activities or any political campaign for school board and prohibits school board candidates from accepting any "political assessment, subscription, contribution, or service from any employee of the school district." 

As you can see, Mr. Cleveland has accepted contributions and services from FCPS Employees in violation of KRS 164.164(1) and (2).  Cleveland returned two monetary donations from employees, one a principal and other listed as an educator.  Cleveland did accept an in-kind contribution of $100 from Rozalyn Akins 3389 Malone DR. Lexington, KY 40513 for the Lyric Theatre.  Akins is employed by the district as the dean of students at Carter G. Woodson Academy--go check the website--and is paid through Tom Shelton's superintendent budget.   According to the penalty provisions of KRS 161.990, subsection 1, "Any person who violates any provision of KRS 161.164 shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.  Any school board candidate or school board member who willfully violates any provision of KRS 161.164 shall also be disqualified from holding the office of school board member."  Subsection 2 reads "Any teacher or employee of a district who willfully violates any provision of KRS 161.164 shall be ineligible for employment in the common schools for a period of five (5) years." 
This is the type of shady stuff that continues to occur in the Tom Shelton administration.  Are Akins and Cleveland criminally responsible at this point?  Who do I report this to?  I hope somebody does something with this information because what it happening in FCPS is simply not right or ethical.
Thank you.
Concerned FCPS employee

Cleveland's Campaign Finance Report here.

Barnett responds

"Given the severity of this issue, I am discussing this matter with legal counsel in order to undertake appropriate action, including but not limited to any available recourse under Kentucky law," Barnett told KSN&C.

Cleveland did not respond to an invitation from KSN&C to respond to the allegations.


Anonymous said...

Allegations? More like flat out busted. Tom Shelton sent an email to all staff a few months ago outlining the rules for employees and school board races. So, Akins can't plead ignorance. And, isn't her husband on the Kentucky board? My mercy.....what a mess.

Anonymous said...

Principal T. Jones of Yates elementary and a member of Bracktown Baptist was the principal who gave to Dr. Sellers. Her Donation was returned.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is Christmas morning for Doug Barnett.

Roger Cleveland should withdraw from the race now. That might be the only thing that prevents Barnett from pursuing this. The Akins, Roger Cleveland and others have way too much to lose if this gets pursued.

Anonymous said...

Roz Akins is in bed with shelton and Cleveland. One Set of rules for white employees that are overlooked if you are a Black employee of Fcps.

Anonymous said...

Speak up. Speak up. Report Roz Akins to EPSB.

Anonymous said...

Accountability applies to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight:

1. Doesn't want to answer questions about his platform;
2. Doesn't want to answer questions about his donors;
3. Believes the audit got "too much play;" and
4. His campaign only promotes himself.

I've seen enough. We don't need Roger Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

Other than your blog, the Lexington news media has been curiously silent regarding this issue as well as the Board elections. Curiously quiet regarding the audit as well.
Meanwhile, morale at 701 E. Main St. continues to decline.