Friday, April 25, 2014

EKU to remain in FCS

EKU President Michael Benson ended speculation today when he announced that Eastern Kentucky University would not receive a bid to join the Sun Belt Conference for athletics.

Since the Mid-Atlantic Conference is not planning an expansion at this time, that resolves the issue for the foreseeable future.

In a letter to the campus today (via email) Benson said, 
We have learned from the Commissioner of the Sun Belt that we are no longer being considered for expansion at this time. Instead, the member institutions of the Sun Belt seem to be narrowing their attention to those universities currently within the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), and not to those Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) schools considering a move upward. 

We will remain in the Ohio Valley Conference, will continue to improve our facilities and expand our programs, and will compete on the national stage of FCS football.

I have appreciated the input received from interested faculty, staff, and students on the topic of EKU and the future of our athletics program and remain committed to moving our institution forward, both academically and athletically.

Go Eastern!
The fact that the Sun Belt is only considering current FBS schools for its future underscores one of the fears raised by proponents during recent campus-wide discussions - that changes in the NCAA might well lead to a situation where schools not in a major or mid-major conference could end up as road-kill on the highway of collegiate athletics.

But with all of the changes going on with the NCAA, who can say what the future may hold?

The Colonel's football season starts August 28th versus Robert Morris in Moon Township PA. Home opener is against Morehead on Sept. 13. Revenue games this year are against Miami of Ohio (Sept 6)  and the University of Florida (Nov 22). 


Anonymous said...

Looks like SEC is following Big Ten and expecting teams to add at least one big time game in lieu of the usual early season cream puffs that so many load up with. Not sure if that would be good by making conferences want to add some lesser teams to the conference as internal give-me's or if it is bad because it decreases the number of slots for non FBS teams to play the big boys.

Regardless, EKU is not in a position yet to in terms of facilities, finances and talent to put itself out there trying to play minor FBS conference foes much less top 20 team for a big check. I don't think anyone wants to see EKU visit Bama or the Wolverines for a game.

Richard Day said...

Well...a couple of things.

The SEC decided to stick with 8 games rather than 9, so they departed from the Big 10 and apparently believe they will still get into major bowls.

Also the Colonels will play in The Swamp the fall, and that's not nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like EKU players are going to get their heads beat in so athletic department can get a fat check.

I would really like to seem some hard evidence that high school players, much less any potential undergrads, watching Florida destroy EKU results in kids coming to Richmond, KY for an education in any long term manner. Not trying to be negative, I hope they do well but I am not getting my hopes up.

Anonymous said...

I think this go around they are publically sticking to 8 but I am hearing unofficial message was start lining up bigger market TV games on your own or you might not have as much choice next go around.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is it kind of sad that we have had three letters (not to mention forum presentation)from the president about athletics in one year but I can' think of a single academic unit that has gotten more than a single mention this first year. I don't know, maybe University Presidents aren't suppose to be involved in that part of education.

I am just hoping this can be put back on the shelf for at least a few months and we can focus on other aspects of university growth.