Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Adams Fails to Respond to Court of Appeals

Did TEA Party Activist Abandon his Anti-Common Core Suit?

After losing his anti-Common Core suit in the Franklin Circuit Court, TEA Party activist David Adams promised an appeal that would set the record straight.

He put out an emergency request to his Facebook friends for funds to support his suit before the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The cost to file the appeal was $175, he asked for $200 (for what? ...stamps? ...a nice lunch in Frankfort?), and likely received more.

Then, he did nothing.

But the pre-hearing statement required by the Kentucky Court of Appeals was not submitted with Adams' appeal. The court issued a warning on March 3rd to Adams that he had 20-days to provide the statement outlining his rationale. "FAILURE RESULTS IN DISMISSAL," the court wrote.

On Friday the Kentucky Court of Appeals returned the case to a three judge panel for docket review. If the Appeals court is good to its word, the case should be dismissed from there.

As I told David from the start, when we disagreed over the merits of the case - I am happy to have the court decide the issue. The court has spoken and is poised to speak one last time on this issue.

Ultimately, it seems Adams began to understand the futility of his arguments and abandoned his suit.

His typical bravado over how his suit would reveal unconstitutional injustices and kill ObamaCore in the process has gone silent since his spanking in the Franklin Circuit Court.

I contacted my Facebook friend to see if I could challenge him to address the issue. His response is pretty typical, for him. Adams wants us to believe there is some kind of double-secret plot afoot, and if we will only wait, all will be revealed. But that's total BS. There's no play here.

There are things going on relative to challenging Common Core State Standards. Lots of things. Political things. But my issue with Adams is limited to his anti-CCSS suit. And that effort does not appear to be any more alive now than it ever was. Dead as disco.

All we need now are three judges to put the issue to rest - and a person of integrity to admit when he is wrong.

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