Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kentucky's Budget Outlook

Kentucky lawmakers will begin assembling what Speaker Greg Stumbo recently called a "destructive" two-year state budget when it reconvenes in January. Current revenue projections suggest the weakest revenue growth since the recovery began due to a still-sluggish economy and an inadequate and outdated state tax system. At the same time, the state needs to roll back painful budget cuts, make fiscally responsible payments to state pension and other debts, and invest in education, health and other areas that would move Kentucky forward.

KCEP Budget Outlook.pdf

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Anonymous said...

This stuff is just so darn complicated but let me take a shot - the majority of our tax revenue comes from income tax. Folks are making less money so we are generating less money for the state to spend. If we shifted our tax revenue to additional sources, say like services, we could generate more tax revenue. But the folks we elected don't have the "political will" to make those recommended tax changes.

Wonder what would happen to me if I told my superintendent that I just didn't have the "educational will" to do program reviews for my school, implement KPREP testing or do my PGES teacher evaluations?