Monday, November 11, 2013

EKU planning $83 million education complex

This from the Herald-Leader:
Eastern Kentucky University is planning a new $83 million complex to integrate its College of Education and the P-13 Model Laboratory School.

The 279,000-square-foot complex would be at the corner of Lancaster Avenue and the Eastern Bypass, and it would be one of the first buildings that visitors see as they approach the campus from the west, EKU President Michael Benson said in a statement.

Plans are preliminary, and details of financing and building the new complex have yet to be fleshed out, EKU officials said.

Completing the second phase of EKU's new science building remains the university's top construction priority, Eastern spokesman Mark Whitt said. The new education complex would be the second priority.

The education center would replace Eastern's Donovan complex, which was built in 1961. Model students would continue to attend classes there while the education center is built, the university said.

Benson said that physically joining Model and the EKU College of Education would create a state-of-the-art teacher preparation program and would develop 21st-century skills for Model students.

The laboratory school is operated by EKU.

"Our teacher education program has been at the heart of this university for over 100 years," Benson said. "This new complex will allow us to prepare the next generation for rapid changes in the field of education."
The new joint complex would be intended to last 50 years, Benton said.

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