Monday, June 25, 2012

Mister Rogers Remixed

Garden of Your Mind

This from the KyPost:
Technology has found a way back into Mister Rogers' neighborhood.
Symphony of Science's John "Melodysheep" Boswell teamed up with PBS Digital Studios to produce "Garden Of Your Mind," a remixing of the famed PBS television host and cultural icon Fred Rogers. The video...has received more than 600,000 views within a day of being released.
Viewers hear words of wisdom from the late Mr. Rogers like the question, "Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?" MTV News reported that the auto-tuned mash-up video of Rogers "speak-singing about the power of curiosity, imagination and learning" features scenes from more than three decades of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."
"When we discovered video mash-up artist John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, on YouTube, we immediately wanted to work together," PBS Digital Studios stated on the description to the video. "Turns out that he is a huge 'Mister Rogers Neighborhood' fan, and was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes."
Mister Rogers won't be the only icon to return. Gawker reported that "Garden Of Your Mind" is the first in a new video series titled "PBS Icon Remixed." The video has received an outpouring of support on PBS's Facebook page where fans paid tribute to the host of what was PBS's longest-running series.
"Loose the headphones and crank it up so everyone can share the message," one viewer stated. "It's a message that REALLY needs to be spread right now."
There were a few critics including one who gave it "two thumbs down." The viewer stated that it "goes against Mister Rogers' basic premise – that kids need a calm, soothing, accepting environment," not "drum machines, processed beats, and monotonous droning voices." "I know the video wasn't intended for children, but I am still of the opinion that Mr. Boswell and the good folks at PBS Digital Studios should have left this one alone," he stated.

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