Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel's Best/Meanest Sketch Ever?

This from
Does Jimmy Kimmel not like kids?
After his previous (and hilarious, always) pranks on kids at Christmas and on Halloween, he’s now turned to torturing small womb hobbits via lie detector.
In the sketch, Officer Jimmy Kimmel, professional Lie Detective, joins the glamorous and beautiful Truth Fairy to get to the bottom of whether Blake is a tiny, adorable little LIAR.
We learn that Blake actually doesn’t like school, but does like math, wears hair gel and…. has peed in the pool. “I think we all have,” said Kimmel, probably because Blake seemed like he wanted to die. “It’s fun.”
“It’s a lot of fun,” the Truth Fairy agreed. But only when it’s someone else’s pool. Also, Blake hates puppies. He’s a pool-peeing puppy hater.
Check it out, via ABC:

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Anonymous said...

If i did this to a kid in my class I would lose my job, but if he does it on national TV he get paid and folks laugh. I don't mean to be a stick in the mud or appear to not understand the context differences, but this sort of stuff is what makes teachers' jobs more difficult - mix messages, expectations and values between what goes on in the media constantly and what is suppose to happen in the classroom.