Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Laurel County Superintendent Resigns After DUI Arrest

Said he had made a mistake...
Doesn't want it to become a problem for the school district...
School board poised to act.
Does "the right thing."

This from the Herald-Leader:  (Photo by way of Sentinel Echo)
Laurel County schools Superintendent David Young resigned Tuesday in the wake of his drunken-driving arrest over the weekend.

School board Chairman Charles Stuber said Young told him he had made a mistake and didn't want it to become a problem for the school district. Stuber said Young had been with the school system for more than 37 years, working his way up from science teacher. The school system is the 12th-largest in the state, Stuber said.

Young had an excellent record with the Laurel County school system and had been honored for his work, Stuber said.

Police charged Young with impaired driving, resisting arrest and having prescription pills not in the proper container after finding him in a wrecked pickup truck Saturday evening.

He has pleaded not guilty.

Stuber said the board will hire an interim superintendent for a few months while members search for a replacement for Young.
This from WMYT-TV:

Superintendent charged with DUI resigns 
Laurel County Superintendent David Young was arrested after a crash Saturday. His resignation was announced Tuesday morning.
Moments after calling an emergency meeting to order Tuesday morning, the Laurel County School Board went behind closed doors, where they met for just under 30 minutes. Their specially called meeting happened three days after Superintendent David Young was arrested.
The arrest report states Young was allegedly more than three times over the legal limit and that he had to be forced out of his truck and into the police car and handcuffs. His alleged actions on Tuesday resulted in his letter of resignation.
“I would move we accept the resignation of Mr. David Young tendered in writing to this board,” board member Ed Jones motioned.
David Young has worked in the education field for more than 37 years. Now as far as what the board would have done had he not resigned, the board chairman says that he knew that David Young was too classy of an individual and he knew that Young would do the “right thing.”
After accepting the resignation, Chairman Charles “Bud” Stuber read from a statement detailing the board’s action.
“The board was prepared to take action with regard to this incident, but the board has accepted his resignation and no further board action is necessary,” he said.
Deputy Superintendent Denise Griebel was named the acting superintendent.
“This incident has been a distraction in the education process, but it is now behind us and we will focus on the education of students in Laurel County," Griebel said after the meeting.
School officials say an interim superintendent will be named later but it could be three to six months before a permanent superintendent is hired.
This from the Sentinel Echo:
Though he has sat in on hundreds of disciplinary sessions for students violating the rules, the Superintendent of the Laurel County Public School System found himself on the wrong side of authorities Saturday.

David M. Young, 59, of Green Meadow Drive in London, was jailed after he was involved in a one-vehicle crash around 5:19 p.m. According to information from the Laurel County Sheriff's Office, Young was traveling along U.S. 25 near the intersection of Court Road when he ran off the roadway and landed his 1995 Nissan pickup truck nose down in a ditchline.

Deputies Shawn Boroviak and Greg Turner were en route to another complaint around 5:19 p.m. and were traveling U.S. 25 when they spotted the pickup truck in the ditchline. Stopping to check the situation, the deputies found Young still sitting behind the wheel and was believed to be under the influence.

Young reportedly refused to exit the vehicle, resulting in the resisting arrest charge. He was also in possession of prescription pills that were not in the proper container.

Online jail records show that Young was booked into the Laurel County Detention Center around 7 p.m., but less than two hours later, he was released. No information was available on the jail's website concerning Young's bond for the charges.

A long-time educator and administrator, Young moved up the ranks in the school system, serving as student personnel director before being named assistant superintendent. After the resignation of former superintendent James Francis in May 2006, Young took the helm of the school system in September of that year, and has served with high evaluations from the Laurel County School Board for the past five consecutive years.

A press release from Laurel County School System Attorney Larry Bryson is expected on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I don't know that he needed to resign, but he definitely needs help.

On the other hand, I cannot believe this makes the press and still nobody in Lexington seems to know about Melodee Parker's DUI. Justice must be the same for all.

Richard Day said...

My sources tell me that Young was well-regarded in Laurel Co. He had been effective over time and his leadership will be missed. Folks around here were shocked.

Still, the details of his DUI sound particularly bad.

This story certainly seems like bad timing for Parker.

In Laurel we have a superintendent who resigned because he put the needs of the district's children ahead of himself and it was the "right thing to do." But in Fayette County we have a human resources person, who apparently thinks otherwise.

Kathryn Neff said...

It sounds like David Young made a mistake and paid a huge price for it. It seems liked he worked very hard to get to where he was as a superintendent and it's a shame he felt the need to resign after this incident. While he did make a mistake by driving his car after drinking to much, everyone makes mistakes. It was an honorable thing to resign and not let the school board involved. He ended up saving his school district a lot of time and effort which was probably best in the long run. Young was being the well-respected superintendent he had always been and he thought of his school first in this situation.

Sydney Arnold said...

I think that resigning was the right thing to do for this superintendent. Mr. David Young should have understood that holding a position such as superintendent means that the community will hold him to higher standards. Yes, everybody makes mistakes but as superintendent your mistakes are open to the public eye. It is kind of like having a spot light on you, and the community watches and judges your every move.

Lindsey Schoenbaechler said...

After reading this article it seems like David Young was very respected and highly thought of within his school district. He obviously loved working in the school system since he was there for 37 years. I do not think he is a bad person because of what happened, everyone makes mistakes. He did the right thing by resigning before the school board had to deal with it. He knew what he did was wrong and tried to do what was best by resigning. When situations like these occur it is no longer accepted by society to work in a school system.

Cody Berryman said...

I agree with everyone, sounds like David Young was very respected in Laurel County. You cant work somewhere for 37 years and not be respected. David just made a stupid mistake and instead of begging for forgiveness he did the manly thing and admitted he was wrong and showed that by stepping down. I respect him for that decision and wish him the best of luck. Like Dr. Day said, it's just terrible timing.

Tyler Mudd said...

What I find most surprising is that he made the stupid decision to Drink and Drive, even after he had climbed the ladder from science teacher, to superintendent of a respectable district. It is umbeleivable that he would put all that hard work and determination in, to simply throw it away. I understand that people make mistakes, but that is a hard mistake to forgive. Like one of the articles mentioned that considering all the disiplinary problems he has monitered in his time he would know better.

Holly Fultz said...

Superintendant David Young does seem to have been much respected and had worked his way through the system to get to that point. Respect can, however, be easily lost by one bad decision and he made a great mistake by driving under the influence. He is looked up to and this one bad decision gave him a bad reputation. The respect that people had regarded him by may never be the same and he knew this. I believe he had made the right decision for his resignation. Even if David Young didn’t lose his job, he knew he could never do his job thoroughly anymore for the trust in him may be forever lost.

Justin Ray said...

Everyone makes mistakes, life happens. Reading through the comments and finding more research about Mr. Young I found he worked very hard and long for Laurel County Schools. I think he made the right decision by resigning rather than try and wait it out. This way he is removed directly from the problem and the spotlight and Laurel County Schools can move forward from now on.

Zack Irvine said...

After reading through the articles and all the comments I will have to agree with Mr. Young's decision to resign immediately. If he had stayed it would have attracted more negative media attention and would have put the school system in a rough spot. I understand that we live in a society that will allow second chances but I don't think this is deserving. Like Dr. Day said in his comment the details in his arrest sound pretty disturbing. Overall, it was "the right thing to do."

Anonymous said...

Young had this problem for years............just the first time he was ever caught. Good thing he is gone. It's better for everybody.