Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ed. Dept. Creates Commission on School Finance Equity

This from Education Week:

Twenty-eight advocates, researchers, corporate leaders, and lawyers have been asked to serve on a commission that will "examine the impact of school finance on educational opportunity," the U.S. Department of Education announced today.

This commission marks the first time the department has created a commission to focus on issues of state and local finance, and one of its first questions will be determining just what the federal role should be in the issue, considering that most education funding comes from state and local dollars, said Russlynn H. Ali, the assistant secretary for civil rights. The commission will be housed in the department's civil rights division for administrative purposes, but its charge is not to ferret out funding issues for potential enforcement action, Ali said...


Anonymous said...

Please give some coverage to the HB that will protect gay students from harassment.

This is another area where Stu Silberman refused to budge. He had been asked on numerous occasions by pastors including Reverend Gene Robinson to do something to protect gay, lesbian, and transgendered students.

Richard Day said...

I'll try. I may have some time tomorrow.

As readers can tell, blogging time has been short this week. I'm pushing pretty hard on three articles...trying to get them out soon.

I didn't know Gene had gotten involved. That's worth a phone call or two.