Wednesday, February 02, 2011

State Board Discusses Accountability

At its regular meeting on Wednesday, the Kentucky Board of Education heard presentations related to the proposed accountability system for the state’s public schools and districts.

The board heard details about a proposed accountability model that would be adopted through a state regulation. The model would hold schools and districts accountable for student achievement; closing achievement gaps; showing growth/progress; college and career readiness (middle and high schools); and graduation rates (high schools).

Schools and districts could receive an overall, weighted score that would combine raw scores from each of those areas. Schools and districts also could be classified as “Distinguished,” “Proficient,” “Needs Improvement” or “Persistently Low-Achieving,” depending on their overall, weighted scores and other variables.

A document describing the proposed accountability model is attached to this news release. The board will continue its discussion at its April meeting.

The board also discussed recognition, assistance and consequences for schools and districts, based on their performance and standings in the proposed accountability model.

The board heard a presentation related to career readiness from the Kentucky Association of Career and Technical Education, which provided recommendations on assessment and implementation.

The board voted to support Education Commissioner Terry Holliday’s call to continue as planned with the implementation of mandates from 2009’s Senate Bill 1.

The board took the following actions:

  • approved district facility plans for the Bath County, Hazard Independent and Fulton Independent school districts
  • approved 2010-2011 local district tax rates levied
  • gave final approval to 702 KAR 7:065, the regulation related to high school interscholastic athletics
  • approved the appointment of J. Gary Mudd of Louisville to the Kentucky School for the Blind Advisory Board
  • approved the appointment of Hardin County teacher Vasco Perry to the State Textbook Commission

The Kentucky Board of Education’s next regular meeting is scheduled for April 13 in Frankfort. More information about the board is available here.

SOURCE: KDE Press release

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Thomas said...

What the board didn't do, was make a decision on the inclusion of World Languages in the program reviews.

After hearing feedback from KDE staff, discussing it, the Commissioner changed the topic without any action taken by the board. Very disappointing.