Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fayette County Public, Private Share Peace Pipe

This from the H-L:

Fayette Co., LCA unveil agreement to prevent boycott

Mike FieldsLexington Christian Academy will avoid a lot of the fallout from the "schedule reduction plan" proposed by the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents last week. And it appears most of the 50 or so private schools across the state won't be affected much by the boycott.

Long before the KASS unveiled its plan before the Kentucky High School Association's Board of Control last week, LCA had been working with Fayette County public school officials to work out a compromise so they could keep playing each other.

They came to an agreement this week. LCA will self-impose tough restrictions, and Fayette County will do likewise. Any student who transfers to LCA from a Lexington public school after the seventh grade will be ineligible to play athletics for a year. In turn, Fayette County will impose the same rule on students transferring from LCA to any of its schools.
Don Adkins, athletic director of Fayette County schools, said that his boss, superintendent Stu Silberman, informed other superintendents of the agreement, and they didn't have a problem with it. Adkins said it is intended to do "what's best for the kids" and to "develop a good relationship between everybody so we can all sit down and work this out." ...

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