Thursday, May 03, 2007

Georgia schools cautious on Bible classes

Georgia's public schools walk a delicate line as they decide whether to offer the nation's first state-funded Bible classes -- measuring the difference between preaching and teaching with the likelihood of costly lawsuits looming for those that miss the mark.

The state school board approved curriculum in March for teaching the Bible in Georgia's high schools, but there hasn't been a rush of schools to start up the classes. Only a handful of the state's 180 school districts have agreed to offer the elective classes so far.

This from the Boston Globe.
And this from Texas and the Star-Telegram.
Texas school districts would have to develop guidelines for students to make public expressions of religion under a hotly debated bill that won preliminary approval Monday in the state House.

The measure, House Bill 3678 by Sugar Land Republican Charlie Howard, will face a final vote in the chamber before being sent to the Senate for consideration. It calls for school districts to establish guidelines for students to voluntarily express religious views in “limited public forums.”

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