Thursday, May 03, 2007

And the hits just keep on comin' - Erwin claimed 2 Texas SOY Awards as a candidate in Illinois

A reader of Kentucky School News and Commentary just pointed out that Erwin pawned off her claim of two awards for Texas Superintendent of the Year on the good folks of St Charles, too.

(See the post earlier today: "More on the Commish mess from the Bluegrass Policy blog")

From the Chicago Tribune, 13 January 2004. I posted it (April 19th) before the resume indescretion issue arose and didn't think to check back. So, good work Anonymous! Give us your name next time - or not.

The Tribune wrote:
"St. Charles Community Unit District 303 announced Monday that Barbara Erwin of Scottsdale, Ariz., would be its next superintendent...Erwin has been chief administrator of the Scottsdale Unified School District...."Dr. Erwin has `been there, done that,' and more," said Mary Jo Knipp, president of the District 303 Board of Education. "She has been in the trenches and has really made a difference. "Erwin is a 33-year educator who was twice named superintendent of the year while working in Texas from 1994 to 2000, where she headed the Allen Independent School District in Allen."

The Sun, (St. Charles IL) January 14, 2004 also wrote on the topic and sure made it sound like there were 3 distinct claims on the resume. The Sun reported, "Throughout her career, Erwin has received many honors, Knipp said. Twice, she was named Superintendent of the Year in Texas, and she was nominated for National Superintendent of the Year in 1999."


Anonymous said...

I am amazed, but not surprised that the Kentucky Board of Education is ignoring the huge red flags with Barb Erwin. It seems that the state has big problems and they are looking for someone to save them. You seem to be so hopeless that you will put your faith in the "one" who promises to save you! Uncover your eyes and let the facts speak for themselves: There is a pattern here: Divided school boards, very large numbers of admistrative turnover under her tenure, recommending schools be built that were not needed, (high school in Arizona and elementary school in Illinois), failed referendas, the same misrepresented resume,and many, many unhappy staff and parents, who years later are still angry about her work in their districts.

In the field of education, decisions are to be made based on data. You have the data, but still seem bent on making your decision on blind faith....or is that desperation?

You owe it to the students in Kentucky to do the right thing,

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out st charles academic progress compared to the state at

you can also get the state report card at the same site, type st charles as the district name. No great shakes on academic achievement.