Thursday, December 03, 2015

University president blasts students for being too sensitive: 'This is not daycare!'


Bringyoursaddlehome said...

I don't appreciate his comments, they hurt my feeling and don't compliment my own opinions or self perception. Colleges and universities should not be places where students are forced to be exposed to experiences and thoughts which run counter to their own preconceived notions.

Equally, college course work should conform to existing student intellect and knowledge levels. Not only do new and diverse concepts create confusion in the minds of students but it also is a bunch of work to learn. Learning should be confined to stuff students already know and if students don't agree with content, they should not be required to learn it.

Darn it, students pay lots of money for college education and those schools owe students the diploma they want. Students should each have individualized curriculum based on what they believe they need to know, not what educated, specialists in the fields they want to study think they should know.

Anonymous said...

Careful. Someone might think you believe this

Richard Day said...

Good point, Skip.

I've been in a hurry all semester and failed to set that one up.