Thursday, December 03, 2015

Pruitt Names Program Review Task Force

This from KDE (via press release):
Today, Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt named a task force to study Program Reviews and consider solutions to address challenges related to the Program Review process.
            A Program Review is a school self-evaluation of a specific instructional program, such as arts and humanities or writing, that is designed to result in program improvement.
Stephen Pruitt
            “In the short time I’ve been in Kentucky, one of the things I’ve heard about repeatedly has been concern over Program Reviews,” Pruitt said. “This task force brings shareholders to the table as a first step in addressing those concerns and making Program Reviews a more effective tool that will benefit the children in our classrooms.”
            Program Reviews are required as a part of the assessment and accountability system under KRS 158.6453(1)(i) and currently count for 23 percent of a school’s and district’s overall accountability score. The reviews originated under Senate Bill 1 (2009) and were meant to improve the quality of programs, encourage the integration of the program skills schoolwide across all content areas, ensure equal access to learning opportunities for all students, and allow students to demonstrate understanding beyond a paper-and-pencil test.
            Senate Bill 1 originally mandated Program Reviews in three areas: arts and humanities, practical living/career studies, and writing. Since that time, the Kentucky Board of Education has added reviews of K-3 programs and global competencies/world languages programs, the latter of which is included in accountability for high schools in the 2015-16 school year and for elementary and middle schools in 2016-17.
            Every year, school personnel must conduct a Program Review in at least one program area during which they evaluate instructional practices, aligned and enacted curriculum, student work samples, formative and summative assessments, professional development and support services, and administrative support and monitoring against standards of excellence. Through careful review, schools are able to identify strengths, weaknesses and potential areas of program growth. School leaders then use this information to plan for and implement program improvement.
            Some have said the Program Reviews are onerous, biased and should be scrapped. But because they are required in statute that is not an option, Pruitt said.
            “We need to find a way to make Program Reviews work to support the best instructional and learning experiences for all students. However, I will not make changes without careful consideration of information and evidence,” he said.
            Those named to the commissioner’s Program Review Task Force include:
·       Rob Akers, principal, Woodford Co. High School, Woodford Co. school district
·       Jay Brewer, superintendent, Dayton Independent school district
·       Karen Byrd, Boone Co. Board of Education, who represents the Kentucky School Boards Association
·       Angela Cain, chief deputy of quality, Lincoln Co. Board of Education
·       Ron Chi, superintendent intern, Boone Co. school district
·       Wes Cornett, principal of Somerset High School, Somerset Independent school district, who represents the Kentucky Association of School Administrators
·       Terrilyn Fleming, theatre director at Central High School Magnet Career Center, Jefferson Co. school district, who represents the Jefferson County Teachers Association
·       Jerry Green, superintendent, Pikeville Independent school district
·       Diane Hatchett, superintendent intern, Daviess Co. school district
·       Terry Hayes, superintendent, McLean Co. school district
·       Mark Kopp, associate superintendent for instructional services, Hardin Co. school district
·       Dot Perkins, chief executive officer, Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative
·       Amy Razor, executive director, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Education Services
·       Adam Spinks, world language teacher, Warren Co. school district, who represents the Kentucky Education Association
·       Beth Sumner, assistant superintendent of instruction, Trigg County school district
·       Henry Webb, superintendent, Floyd Co. school district, who represents the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents
            The first meeting of the Commissioner’s Program Review Task Force will be Thursday, Dec. 10 in Frankfort.


Bringyoursaddlehome said...

Starting to get old having folks say "we gotta do it, its the law".

Darn law isn't even 7 year's old and certainly capable of being amended instead of trying to fix program reviews that never worked or will work in the future. Internal program review is a waste of time in effort and result.

Richard Innes said...

Bringyoursaddlehome has it right. We had lots of previous experience with trying to use writing portfolios in assessment, which were also self-graded within each school. Every audit ever conducted on this program found inflation right up until the end in 2008.