Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ohio school board seeks millions in compensation for money lost to poor performing charter school

This from WTRF News:
Taking a cue from another Ohio school district, a school board in Jefferson County is seeking compensation they believe should be theirs, rather than charter schools.

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"Why should charter Schools receive our funding if they're performing worse than us," questioned Indian Creek School District Superintendent Dr. T.C. Chappelear.  

That's exactly why Indian Creek Schools have adopted a resolution asking the Ohio Department of Education for $3.2-million they say has been lost to charter schools since 2002.

Nearly 70 Indian Creek students are enrolled in online charter schools, rather than the district. 

Dr. Chappelear says the school has to pay an average of $6,200 per student that attends charter schools from their district, while only receiving an average of $3,900 for students who attend their schools. 

"Our goal is to educate the public. Educate our local citizens on what's happening, because we believe that when a tax payer votes on a levy to support Indian Creek Schools, and that money goes to Quaker Digital Academy or Buckeye Online School for Success, or one of these other online charter schools, we feel that our tax payers don't realize that's happening," said Superintendent Chappelear.

Dr. Chappelear says this is just a formality and does not expect to see that $3.2 million from the ODE, but hopes it will contribute to the efforts to hold charter schools to the same standards public schools are held to and make funding more fair.

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