Saturday, February 14, 2015

Twin Victories For Common Core

This from the Daily Caller:
Defenders of Common Core won two big victories on Wednesday, as efforts to repeal and replace the standards were defeated in the heavily Republican legislatures of North Dakota and Mississippi.

The Mississippi State Senate approved a bill that would establish a task force to review the state’s education standards and make recommendations to the state school board. While supporters have argued the bill would allow Common Core to be replaced, the standards’ toughest opponents objected, pointing out that the board of education is under no obligation to listen to the new recommendation. They pushed an amendment that would make the recommendations binding, but it was shot down decisively, 37-13.

Meanwhile, in North Dakota, two Common Core-related bills were defeated. One, which would have pulled the state out of Common Core-aligned exams, narrowly failed 43-46, while a more expansive bill that would totally ban and replace Common Core was destroyed 89-0.

The two defeats are a disappointment for the grassroots activists trying to undo Common Core, who entered the year with high spirits following big Republican midterm victories and hoped to drive the standards from as many states as possible.

Michael Petrilli, president of the pro-Common Core Fordham Institute, said the failed measures showed the Core is more resilient than people think.

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