Sunday, February 01, 2015

Fayette schools financial consultant will continue to work on problems identified by state auditor

FCPS Staffer lashes out

This from the Herald-Leader:
Kyna Koch
Kyna Koch, who has been working as a consultant for Fayette County Public Schools to help fix problems found by state Auditor Adam Edelen, is set to continue to work for the next six months.
Koch also is expected to get a new title.

The school board on Monday approved a new six-month temporary position called administrative services senior director.

Fayette Interim Superintendent Marlene Helm said that while the job would be posted before anyone is officially named, Koch could begin Monday in that position and would continue to earn $500 a day through June 30.

Koch has been working since September on a budget and finance overhaul after Edelen found "chronic mismanagement."

The working relationship between the district's budget director and finance director was described in Edelen's report as "toxic," and their lack of communication was blamed in part for accounting errors.
Helm said the administrative services senior director would oversee and help those two employees work together "because they are so critical to making sure that our total financial picture is really sound."

Koch formerly oversaw finance, data, facilities, transportation and school food service as associate commissioner of district support services for the Kentucky Department of Education. She also was finance commissioner for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. 
The story drew a surprising and angry reaction from FCPS Associate Director of Employee Benefits Tracy Dennis, who commented on H-L's story online. According to multiple sources, the comment was only posted for a brief period of time before being taken down. KSN&C is unaware of who asked H-L to remove the comment. Dennis wrote:
Tracy Dennis
"Actually, Kyna was hired as a consultant and instead has become part of the problem. Her focus has not been the operating system not the relationship between the two departments. Who gave this sound byte? Mary Wright? The biggest thief and racist in FCPS who is also in cohoots [sic] with Kyna? Just wait until the HRC and EEOC is done with their investigation and the truth is told about the racism and harassment at Central Office."
KSN&C is seeking further comment from the district and Dennis on the accusations. We are wondering if Dennis has filed any official complaints regarding theft, racism, or harassment within the district, if she can provide support for her claims, or if she is subject to any disciplinary actions by the district. But we're not holding our breath.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Tracey Dennis better hope the HRC or EEOC comes up with something or she just subjected herself to a defamation lawsuit! The fun never stops in FCPS Financial Services.

Financial Services needs a house cleaning!

Anonymous said...

Please print information on the complaint filed by the Lexington Human Rights Commission.

Anonymous said...

There is such a fear among white administrators to discipline black employees in FCPS. I'm sure the same thing will haapen to Tracey that happened to Roz Akins when she illegally gave a campaign contribution to Mr. Cleveland. In other words, there will be no punishment.

Not that Mary Wright isn't part of the problem...But FCPS employees should never sign their names while making accusations.

Isn't that why we have this forum?

Anonymous said...

If you Google Tracy Dennis and Human Rights Commission, you will find that she is a former Commissioner for the HRC. As he listed in his campaign materials, Roger Cleveland is currently a Commissioner for the HRC. Roy Woods is a Commissioner for the HRC.

Somebody explain how this is going to be a fair and impartial investigation?

Anonymous said...

Tracy is only upset because she is getting back what she has dished out. She has spent the 3 1/2 years since coming to Financial Services bullying and belittling and harrassing her staff. She has used her position with FML to help Administrators and Supervisors get rid of unwanted employees.

She has created a hostile environment and now wants to know why she is losing her authority.

The records of her department need to be checked. Why would three people from the same Department retire in one year? To get away from her abuse.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the previous comments. Tracy is a bully who has been allowed to come in late, great co-workers and employees horrible. She is telling people that she didn't do this. I mean seriously? She isn't important enough to be hacked and would someone hack her account with such specific information against a co-worker? She must be delusional. If Marlene Helm doesn't do something then nothing has changed. People are watching closely to see what is done. Financial Services needs to be cleaned up. This would be a first step!!

Anonymous said...

How can she make comments like these and remain a member of the HRC? And how can she participate in the HRC investigation of where she works? Her comments imply that the outcome of the HRC investigation has already been decided.
At best, these comments cast a shadow on the credibility of the HRC. Wonder if will be an "official" reaction regarding this from either the HRC or FCPS.

Anonymous said...

Yes Financial Services needs to be cleaned up starting at the top! Nothing has changed since the auditors report and nothing will.