Tuesday, February 24, 2015

JCTA asking for 'stakeholder involvement' before decision on Donna Hargens' future

"I'm not comfortable voting on a four-year contract extension when we 
still have concerns that we said we wanted to be addressed." 
--JCPS Bd member Linda Dunacn

This from Toni at WDRB:
The Jefferson County Board of Education is being asked by its teachers union to hold off extending the contract of Superintendent Donna Hargens to allow time for "stakeholder involvement."

In an email to the JCPS board Saturday, JCTA President Brent McKim said the association believes that "members of the elected school board have a responsibility to actively seek feedback from stakeholders and employee groups."

In order to operate democratically, McKim writes, more time should be devoted for such an "important decision as the employment of the superintendent."

School board members are expected to discuss a proposed 4-year extension for Hargens in a meeting Monday at 5:30 p.m. at Central High School.

JCPS spokeswoman told WDRB News Friday that the school board can "vote on or table any item on the agenda, including the superintendent's contract."

The public will be allowed to address the board concerning the proposed contract.

However, at least one school board member has told WDRB News that she is "not comfortable" voting on a four-year contract extension for Hargens.

"It was suddenly laid out there and we were told there is a deadline we have to meet," Linda Duncan said. "I'm not comfortable voting on a four-year contract extension when we still have concerns that we said we wanted to be addressed."

Duncan is referring to Hargens' last evaluation, which was done in June 2014.

"Collaboration and communication is still a problem," Duncan said. "In addition, morale across the district is not in a good place right now."

Hargens, who has been superintendent since August 2011, told WDRB News in January that she hopes to remain in Louisville.

"I love Louisville," she said. "I love what we are doing in Jefferson County, and I love the progress we are making. This is a wonderful district where we are intentionally devoted and relentless about making sure we provide a quality education for every student."

McKim added that the district should err on the side of transparency, allowing sufficient time for community input for a decision that affects so many people.

'DOCUMENT: Hargens' draft 2015-2019 contract.

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Anonymous said...

I guess the JCPS school board sent a pretty clear message to the teacher folk.