Saturday, November 01, 2014

Why Don’t We Have Real Data on Charter Schools?


Anonymous said...

The charter schools movement - distinctly different from the concept of having charter schools for innovative purposes - is a part of the current wave of transferring public funds into the pockets of the private sector. Accountability is purposely not a part of the design.

Anonymous said...

Hey that is part of irony. They are given latitude from compliance that public schools have to fulfill for some sort of promise that they can do a better job. Problem is you aren't comparing apples to apples then. I am sure if I cherry picked the kids I wanted to come to my school, didn't have to abide by district mandates and could kick out kids that didn't play by my rules, then I should be able to show some progress on standardized assessments.

Even if we had data, it would just point out the obvious, they may do a better job but they aren't comparable to public schools.

Anonymous said...

Eventually i will be spiked. Please remember that Roger Cleveland accepted a contribution from Roz Akins a Teacher in our School District. He Should Not be allowed to Run.