Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ravitch Challenges Rhee to Mud Wrestle

Since Michelle Rhee wormed (chickened) her way out of a promised debate with Diane Ravitch the NYC Prof suggested a reasonable alternative that has real Pay-Per-View potential. I'd watch.

The Nike reference is for Rhee's husband Kevin Johnson (UC-Berkeley) who was a second-team All-NBA point guard with the Cavs and Suns in the 80s-90s.

This from Diane Ravitch's blog:

I Am Bummed Out: Rhee Will Speak in Minneapolis Instead of Debating Me

As readers of this blog know, Michelle Rhee promised to debate me at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania last spring.
 The date was set, at her request, on February 6.

Then she demanded a second, and I agreed. (Her second was going to be Rod Paige.)

Then she demanded a third, and I agreed.

Then she said she couldn’t find a third, and she canceled.

Now I learn she is speaking to the Chamber of Commerce in Minneapolis on February 6, where she will bring the message that the way to have great schools is to fire teachers and use test scores as the absolute judge of students, teachers, principals, and schools.

She is speaking during the day so it is not likely that there will be teachers or students present.
I wish she would debate me. I would even accept a fourth or a fifth. We could each bring a team and mud-wrestle.

But no basketball. She would bring you-know-who, and I am not that tall.

Come on, Michelle. Just do it.

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