Friday, January 11, 2013

Educators' Feelings of Safety in School Vary by Economics

This from Ed Week's Quality Counts:

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Anonymous said...

Looks as though administrators and teachers have significantly different takes on school climate and safety. Imagine that an average between the two is probably most accurate.

I wonder if we superimposed these same results on pilots and stewards/stewardess of the airline industry if anyone would ever fly, much less send their kids to school. I know that is not a fair comparison but 20-40% of your staff and customers didn't even feel safe in your facility what does that say about your marketability, much less potential for successful mission completion.

Perhaps the isolated nature of teaching has created these conditions but 45% difference between administrators and teachers regarding administrative support with barely a quarter of the teachers feeling supported. But in the same token apparently teachers don't support one another much better as identified by both groups.

I would propose that school and community are increasingly becoming detached as a reflection of parents, students and even teachers becoming more committed to individual interest than to communal good. Ideals are there but doggone it you don't get any credit on your standardized assessment scores for that.