Monday, November 05, 2012

KDE Clarifies K-PREP Criterion Score

On Friday, KDE's assessment folks put in a little time clarifying the murky issue of criterion scores and whether it will be possible for all schools to attain the goal of proficiency - or if that label would be withheld from all but the top 30 percent of schools. The short answer now appears to be YES...all schools that reach the criterion score will be awarded the appropriate label. 

Apparently this concept was know to some folks within KDE, but the issue was not widely discussed. Oops. At any rate, KSN&C is happy for the clarification.

This from KDE, dated Nov 2nd:


Year 1 – 2011-12 (Next-Generation Learners)
A normative model is used to launch the new accountability system, with the performance of schools by level and districts rank-ordered. This comparison of schools and districts defined Proficient as an Overall Score associated with the 70th percentile. In Year 1, this means that 31% of schools and districts are at and above Proficient and 69% of schools and districts are in the Needs Improvement classification. Now, Overall Scores are associated with the classifications of Distinguished, Proficient and Needs Improvement.

A normative model compares the performance of schools and districts to other schools and districts. Normative models use percentiles, and those percentiles have cut points for specific performance classifications.

Year 2 – 2012-13 (Next-Generation Learners)
A criterion model begins focusing on the Overall Score. The Percentile Rank in Kentucky in Year 1 enabled an Overall Score to become the criterion or standard for Proficient. In Year 2, achieving a specific Overall Score, not the 70th percentile rank, determines whether a school or district is Proficient. Regardless of percentile rank, all schools that reach the Overall Score for Proficient are labeled Proficient. In theory, with the criterion model, 100% of schools can be Proficient or higher.

A criterion model compares the performance of schools and districts to a standard; in this case, the standard is a specific Overall Score.

The Overall Score on the Next-Generation Learners component needed for each level of school and district for the summer of 2013 reporting is shown below.


Proficient Distinguished  Distinction
Elementary 62.5 69 72.5
Middle 58.7 64.7 68.2
High 58 64.4 67.7
District 58.4 63.3 65.2

• In 2012, Elementary School A has an Overall Score of 60.0. This school needs to move to an Overall Score of 62.5 in 2013 to be Proficient – a 2.5-point gain.

• In 2012, Middle School B has an Overall Score of 50.0. This school needs to move to an Overall Score of 58.7 in 2013 to be Proficient – an 8.7-point gain.

• In 2012, High School C has an Overall Score of 54. This schools needs to move to an Overall Score of 58.0 to be Proficient – a 4-point gain.

• In 2012, District D has an Overall Score of 57. This district needs to move to an Overall Score of 58.4 in 2013 to be Proficient – a 1.4-point gain.

Year 3 – 2013-14 (Next-Generation Learners and Program Reviews)
After school and district classifications are reported in summer 2013, the Next-Generation Learners and the Program Review (Instructional Programs and Support) components will be combined for a new Overall Score. Then, cut scores for Proficient will be set. Schools and districts will have a criterion-based target of an Overall Score for moving forward in the 2013-14 academic year.

SOURCE: KDE:OAA:kd:rls 11/2/12

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Anonymous said...

I honestly think they make this stuff up as they are going along.

This is the first I have ever heard of this. Why would some people know about it at KDE and not others but more importantly why would educators in the state. Really, they have been working on this for two years now and not a word?