Friday, November 02, 2012

Is Clarification Coming?

This morning the Courier-Journal held a live online discussion regarding testing issues. Folks were invited to ask questions of experts from the Jefferson County Public Schools to help the public understand the school results as well as the results you will be receiving if you have students in a Kentucky public school.

So I tried again...

Erica Thompson: 
@Steve - 70% of schools are in the Needs Improvement category this year as a baseline year. The proficiency mark is set so that schools know what they need to do in the future in order to become proficient.

Comment From Richard Day  

Erica: Are you certain that the proficiency criterion score established this year will be attainable by any schools that meets the score in future years? Can you direct me to where KDE has said that? Your response seems to run counter to KDE's own video, media briefing packet, and the understanding of several superintendents I've spoken to. It appears from what I've seen that each year it will only be the top 30% that will be recognized even if other schools meet the cut score.

Erica Thompson: 
@Richard - The proficiency level will eventually be set for 5 year cycles. As the other accountability pieces are added (Program Review 2012-2013 and Professional Effectiveness 2014-2015). Any school that steps up and meets the proficiency level, will be classified as proficient. KDE is working on a release that explains this in more detail.

Here's hoping Erica is correct.


Anonymous said...

THat is the problem, the target keeps moving. Once you think you know what's going on, regardless of how you feel about it, they change the parameters. There's this constant level of response which attempts to explain the present with the disclaimer that expectations are going to change in the future, but without much specificity.

You don't build a house by giving the workers incomplete floor plans which are going to change as you are constructing.

Anonymous said...

I think what is so ironic about this new and improved accountability system is that you basically end up with the same schools at the top as you did with CATS and KIRIS. Granted there is some movement, but generally speaking, changing the color of the shells and the name of the game haven't altered where the pea is significantly.