Monday, February 06, 2012

The Profession of Teaching

This from the Teacher Channel:

...pretty much what I'm teaching this week. A broad sweep at classroom management: it's goals, dispositions, and strategies...a la @RobertMarzano.

With thanks to Bob McLaughlin for sharing.

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Paula Ward said...

I absolutely agree that engagement during instruction is critical for learning. Students need to feel a connection with the material they are learning. Without those connections their learning process is hindered. The video suggested using games and really getting your students involved with what you are teaching. I think teachers today focus more on lecturing and less focus on making connections. I am currently in school and my major is Special Education LBD. There is really nothing worse than sitting in a class for a couple of hours and the teacher does nothing but lecture. I would enjoy learning much more and get more out of it if they would get us involved in some way during instruction to make those personal connections with the material.