Monday, February 27, 2012

Obama’s education secretary dominates NBA All-Star celebrity game

This from the LA Times:
Gov. Jerry Brown met with Education Secretary Arne Duncan this week, hoping for some leeway for state schools facing pending federal sanctions. By Brown’s own account, the meeting was not as productive as he had hoped, describing his relationship with the secretary as a “work in progress.”

The California governor has clashed with Duncan over the use of standardized testing to evaluate students and determine teacher pay and performance.

Photo: United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (26) dribbles the ball downcourt past musician Ne-Yo (24) during the NBA All-Star celebrity basketball game on Friday in Orlando, Fla. Credit: Lynne Sladky / Associated Press
Within hours of his meeting with the California governor, Duncan headed to Orlando, Fla., to participate in the NBA’s celebrity All-Star game.

Comedian Kevin Hart was named the game's MVP, but Duncan, who played for Harvard where he was named a first-team Academic All-American and played professionally in Australia, had the best stat line of the night. He scored 17 points to go along with eight rebounds and five steals.

But for Brown, at least, Duncan provided no assists.


Anonymous said...

What message is this sending? Maybe I am old fashion, but I want leader who is working on the issues at hand, not a pop culture panderer. It is my opinion that this type of PR stunt where national leaders show up on Leno, Letterman and Saturday Night Live is beneath their position and does nothing but deligitimize these individuals positions.

Richard Day said...

I could never begrudge a guy a little game of round ball. ...and in front of an all-star crowd? ...sounds like fun.

But I would think it's only a PR stunt if you look good doing it. Otherwise...